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Since Gemini is one of the most curious and communicative signs, the season will radiate with a lot of that inquisitive—and sometimes intrusive—energy Geminis are known for. That means believes or astrology can expect the season to be a particularly social one as Geminis have a penchant for conversation and are typically stimulated by mental connections generated from knowledge and discovering the unknown.

They are keen on learning about other's experiences and perspectives, which drives their journalistic nature. Astrologer Lisa Stardust told Bustle people can expect a lot of communication during the four-week period. Gemini season 's constant communication may be more heightened than usual since the speedy planet Mercury moves into Gemini on Tuesday as well. Although communication-ruled Mercury will only remain in Gemini for about two weeks—the planet is expected to enter Cancer on June 4—it will still bring an energetic surge of multi-tasking, galvanized intellect and quick-talking.

Since Mercury is also motivated by information and technology, folks may notice an extra pep in their step when it comes to learning new facts.