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Because he might be a stripper. Bowl — all the planets fall within one hemisphere and within degrees on one side of an opposition. There are no more than 60 degrees or two houses empty in this configuration.

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In other words, a full half of a chart is occupied by the planets. This shows a person who is self-sufficient and can operate independently.

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Pay attention to the first planet that crosses the ascendant — it shows what energy they use most to get stuff done. For example, a Mars here would symbolize ambition and aggression! Here, the personality becomes extremely resourceful and focused.

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    For example, if the planet here was Mercury, strong communication skills would be their secret sauce. Here, the personality will channel their energy through that handle. If the handle is Saturn, we might be looking at a workaholic.

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    In Venus? Sex fiend! Ha ha! The thing that they must achieve.

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    SeeSaw — this one is easy to spot! It looks like a bow-tie to me. The two outer planets are opposing each other, and become focal planets of the pattern. The Bucket pattern involves having 9 planets in the chart being contained within degrees, with a rim opposition as with the Bowl pattern. All of the planets are contained within two sets of oppositions, forming an hour-glass shape. In this pattern, there can be no aspects greater than a Trine. The planets are clustered around three points in the chart, ideally, three points trine each other, leaving three areas of open space in the chart.

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    I was going to see if I could come up with some very short descriptions of what each of these patterns is supposed to mean, but decided against it. The Bowl The Bowl pattern involves all 10 planets in the chart being contained within degrees.

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    All of the planets occupy half of the horoscope wheel i. All except one of the planets occupy half of the horoscope wheel. The planets are splashed all throughout the horoscope wheel. You have diverse interests, but can be easily scattered.


    You may have extreme focus on one part of life. While you can accomplish a lot, you can also become obsessive, concentrating only one small area of your potential and ignoring the rest. Locomotive people like to leave their stamp on the world.